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You can easily contribute and add covers to our database, you need to be registered and logged-in to upload covers.

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Here’s a quick guide on how to download original album cover art to your pc.

Click on the small covers  inside each title or scroll down to see the gallery then after opening the gallery just right click then Save. 

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You can use our tool for free to print dvd or cd covers!

Why AlbumArtverse.com ?
Need a better looking cover for your cd music collection or you need to change your broken & old covers? Working on a public library and need cover art replacement? Then this is the right place for you, welcome to the biggest online album cover library. Hope you enjoy the site and contribute to it as well. Thank you!

Everyone can contribute and help us build the largest online album cover site that can help libraries, schools and people in replacing their broken covers.
So, please consider when buying music CD’s or if you have an impressive collection of old music cd’s to share the covers with our community, who knows, maybe in years you will need a new cover if your cover become unusable or broken. Also designers are welcomed to share their custom covers with our community.